HB11 - the FUTURE of laser fusion of hydrogen and boron-11 for energy production

Never before has there been a greater need for a new source of clean energy.

Our vision is to generate electricity using the HB11 fusion reaction between hydrogen and boron-11 atoms. It will create the possibility of a world powered by clean, safe and unlimited electricity, generated by small reactors that use abundant fuels and do not create any harmful waste.

HB11 Energy’s first mission is to demonstrate net-energy-gain using a non-thermal HB11 reaction using lasers.

Who is HB11?

HB11 Energy will realize electricity generation with the fusion of hydrogen and boron-11 (HB11) using lasers. It will create an unlimited source of clean, safe and reliable energy using fuels that are abundant in nature using a reaction that does not produce any radioactive waste.

Conceived by pioneering physicist and Founder Professor Heinrich Hora, HB11 Energy’s technology differs radically from all other fusion approaches as it does not require fuels to be heated. Other fusion approaches require temperatures of tens or hundreds of millions of degrees Celcius , a technical hurdle that has held all back from practical energy generation for decades.


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There are many reasons to invest in HB11 Energy. Here are just a few.

Be part of a solution to climate change

Reaching our mission of achieving “net energy gain” will see HB11 Energy’s technology become a key to decarbonisation of the world’s economies.

We are run by world leading scientists

As scientists, guided by world leaders on our Scientific Advisory Board, our strategy and decisions are made on scientific evidence, not popular opinion, hype, or investment trends of the day.

We are committed to transparency and integrity

We understand that most investors are not laser-plasma physicists. We are committed to transparency and integrity in our communication with investors, including reporting on scientific progress


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The team has recently appointed a Scientific Advisory Board consisting of the few experts in the field of laser fusion. As heads of internationally significant research facilities, they have been crucial to designing the next-stage POC protocol. In addition to his scientific background, board member Michael Campbell brings HB11 his wealth of experience heading development of large fusion research projects. He was responsible for establishing the NIF at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in California, USA.






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